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What Time of Year is Best for Seeding?

We recommend that you over seed in the fall; by doing so, the grass will have time to mature before it is time to apply pre-emergents. If you miss the fall seeding, then spring seeding may be necessary, please call us for consultation on spring seeding.


Lawns thin out & lose color due to hard or compacted soils, periods of high temps & humidity, or drought. Aeration & over-seeding is the best treatment to reduce compaction, fill-in bare spots & revitalize growth, also allowing more oxygen and moisture into the root zone.

Over-seeding in the fall fills in bare spots & helps  build a thicker lawn faster. The new seed quickly takes root in the freshly aerated lawn & provides new life to your already established grass. 

grubs in lawn

Just because you see grubs when you dig to plant a shrub doesn't mean they are doing turf damage. One way to test is to identify a brown area of your lawn and pull on the blades of the grass; if it rolls back like carpet and you see numerous grubs, call us! 

Man Mowing Lawn

What are your best lawn mowing tips?

  • Mowing at higher heights usually provides for a deeper root system, looks better, and is less likely to contribute to weeds.

  • Don’t remove any more than one third of the grass leaf at any one cutting.

  • Avoid mowing when the grass is wet.

  • Mow your lawn in a different direction with each mowing.

  • Keep your mower’s blade sharp, change your mower’s oil at least once during the mowing season.

  • If you didn’t drain your gas tank in the fall, or use a fuel stabilize

Damaged Lawn

What do I do about pet damage to my lawn?

Sorry. No quick fixes here. You can help to avoid this damage in the future with heavy watering, and a little baking soda. Heavy watering will help to dilute the concentration of nitrogen in your yard, and adding baking soda to a watering can full of water will help to neutralize the area.

Weeds in lawn

An herbicide is the best solution to eliminating the clover. 

Mushrooms in lawn

There are no chemical treatments available for the control of mushrooms or toadstools. Mushrooms arise from decaying organic matter under the soil and the remains of old trees are the most common cause. Although there is no chemical treatment available, there are a few options. You can try to dig up the decaying organic matter or destroy the mushrooms with a rake or lawn mower. 

Brown fescue

My fescue grass has brown spots. Why?

A number of reasons may be contributing to your problem; hot, dry weather, excessive irrigation, poor soil drainage, or excessive nitrogen could be the culprit. Correcting these issue along with applications of fungicides upon first symptoms of the disease and maintaining a good herbicide and fertilization program will help. 

Moles in lawn

How can I get rid of the moles?

Moles are active near the surface of the soil in the spring and fall. The rest of the year they are busy making 6-24 inch tunnels underground. Contrary to what you may hear, moles do not eat bulbs, roots, small pets, insects or grubs. The “main entree” of the mole is earthworms. Moles eat more than their own weight in earthworms on a daily basis. Since elimination of earthworms is not practical, the most effective method for getting rid of moles is to kill them or buy traps.


When is the right time to put down crabgrass prevention?

The timing varies greatly from region to region, but in the southeast, apply in early April.

Lawn Sprinkler Abstract

When is the best time to water my lawn?

Before 9 a.m. is the most efficient time for irrigating. The lawn is already wet from dew, humidity is high, calm conditions usually exist and temperatures are cooler, all of which favor maximum infiltration and utilization of water. Irrigating later in the day allows the grass to stay wet through the evening hours, which increases the risk of disease.

During rain-free periods, approximately one inch of water will be needed per week to maintain lawn quality.

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